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The following are to name just a few of EcoSlick®'s uses

EcoSlick® cleans, drives out moisture, and bonds into metal pores.

  • Cleans and protects locks, gears, nuts and bolts

  • Cleans and lubricates scissors

  • Keeps sewing machine mechanisms running smooth

  • Remove Sharpie from walls

  • Lubricate and clean bicycle mechanisms

  • Lubricates swivel or rocker chair mechanisms

  • Makes window/door sliders move with ease

  • Remove sticky residue

  • Remove labels

  • Keeps clock mechanisms lubricated and protected

  • Tools-cleaning and maintenance

  • Eats through pre-baked grease on oven and grills

  • Cleans lawn mower blades and moving parts

and much more!


Spray EcoSlick® onto surface. Wipe the surface clean or scrub until residue is removed. Repeat as needed. For tougher jobs allow object to soak then proceed to wipe surface.


Apply EcoSlick® to the desired area. Allow EcoSlick® to seep into the pores by letting it sit, wipe off excess EcoSlick®.

After application it will leave behind a dry-coat of lubricant to protect, condition, and keep those mechanical parts moving.

EcoSlick® is our universal cleaner for your household, auto, mechanical, and industrial needs.